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What a great Christmas Ethan and Payton had this year! Santa was very good to them ... I guess he thought they were good this year. These were 2 of my favorite picturs of this kids with our christmas tree, most of you probably recognize the 2nd picture since we used this one on our christmas cards this year. Usually we try to do a family picture, but things were a little hectic around the holidays and it was rare to get all 4 of us together and someone to take a picture of us. Hopefully we will get to the Picture People soon to get our annual family picture, but until then you will just have to suffer with pictures of our adorable children (at least we think they are).

Christmas Card Picture

As many of you know, Ethan and Payton's Nanny passed away a few days before Christmas. On Saturday (12/17/05) she came home to hospice care. It was then that she wanted her grandkids to open their Christmas presents from her and Pa. Most of all, she wanted to see Payton "Baby Doll" open her baby doll. This was very important to her. So, Ethan and Payton each opened 1 gift from Nanny and Pa. Above are pictures of them, that night, playing with their new toys. "Baby Doll" aka Payton, did LOVE her baby doll. All night she ran around the house pushing the stroller - and for the next few days Ethan fought her for it. Ethan got a train for his new train table that Santa brought him. He does love that train, and the other trains that Nanny and Pa bought him as well.


Here are some additional Christmas 2005 pictures that I pulled out. I take so many, but I tried to pull a few that I thought were best. Hope you enjoy them.