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Chef Mickey's Epcot

On September 22, 2005 the McHugh/Mayberry clan set forth on huge adventure - 4 days in Disney with 10 people. It was crazy, it was hectic, but it was also fun. And sadly enough, we will probably do it again this year.

It all started in September of 2004 when Jason and I were looking for a great getway for our anniversary. We found really cheap air fares and hotel for Disney and then thought - hey, the kids would be free, let's take the whole family! Well after some thought we decided we would only do that if we had some extra hands - intro Bob and Sharon (my mom and dad). After that trip our lives have forever changed. My mom (and Ethan) is now obsessed with Disney World and a year after our first trip we made a second trip, only this time my brother and his family came along too. My mom is great at calling around for the best prices and deals, and I must admit we really got a great deal on our last trip down to Florida. And while my New Year's Resolution was to make good on this website for our friends and family, I think my mom's was to plan her Disney vacation ASAP. I think she has already called Disney about 10 times this new year for information, deals, etc., etc., etc. I think Jason caught a bit of this virus too because he has sent for information on Disney and their "Vacation Club".

But, all that said, I am anxious to go back too. I never thought that I would be one to go to Disney every year with my family, but to see my kids' reactions just to the Disney logo at the beginning of a movie would make you understand. Payton has a one track mind - its Ariel or bust! Ethan loves Buzz Lightyear and I literally think he asks to go to Al's Toy Barn or Disney World at least 3 times a week. One day Jason asked Ethan what he wanted to do that day, thinking he would say Chuck E. Cheese, or something normal, and Ethan responded that he wanted to go to Disney World. Obviously he doesn't comprehend how far away it is but he truly loves it and he remembers everything he did the last time he was there. He may not remember it 10 or 15 years from now, but I will and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Enough with the narrative, here are some pictures (if you are so inclined to look).