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Payton Age 2

Payton Age 2 Payton Age 2

You're Invited! Payton's Birthday Invitation

Our baby girl has turned 2. Where has the time gone? I always love spending the day with Payton on her birthday. we have made a tradition now of getting manicures and pedicures in the morning, and then going to Picture People for a quiz photo shoot. Mostly of the birthday girl, but I do manage to squeeze in one shot of the two of us. Payton loves picking the nail color for us each time that we go, and surprisingly this year she sat sooooo well for the manicure and pedicure. The women even gave her beautiful littl eflowers on her thumbs and toes, which is why she is always barefoot in her birthday pictures. Corey, the photographer, tried to get her fingers and toes in the pictures as much as possible becaus they looked so darn cute.

* * *

Payton decided that she wanted an Ariel party this time around, and being a Little Mermaid fan myself, who was I to deny her? She had a great party, despite the rain, and I think everyone had a great time. Daddy finished the basement just in time for the kids to be able to spend all afternoon running round and playing downstairs so the adults could still socialize upstairs.

Payton got lots of great presents from all of her friends and fmaily and she wanted me to give everyone a great big THANK YOU for them. She also got a brand new bedroom set from Mommy and Daddy and is now sleeping in a big girl bed. She is doing a great job and likes being able to get out of bed in the morning and go wake Ethan up to play! Ah, gotta love the freedom that allows Jason and I on the weekends now... maybe we can even start sleeping in a little?!?!! Nah!

* * *

Payton's Scrapbook - No new pages have been added because no new pages have been made (I am really far behind in my scrapbooking).

Here are some other cute shots of Payton that I wanted to post as well: New shots will be added soon - I promise!

3 This is a picture of Payton at the Pumpkin patch. She had a great time looking for pumpkins and kissing them... maybe she thought if she kissed the right one she would find her prince charming!
Here is Princess Payton at Halloween. In case you aren't sure who she is, she is Princess Ariel (once she was married and human, not as the mermaid). She LOVES being a princess!
This is Payton hamming it up for the camera. Isn't sure adorable?
Okay, so this isn't the most flattering picture of Payton, but it has sentimental value to me. The sweater she is wearing was actually my sweater when I was her age. Mt great Aunt Ruthie, who lives is Massachusetts) is very talented - she made this sweater for me, a poncho type chaw and also made a sweater for each of the kids when they were born. Thank you Aunt Ruthie!!
Hamming it up again, this is Payton taking a break from her Christmas performance. Yous ee, we were on a hayride to cut down our Christmas tree when Payton felt the urge to dance for the other people on the hayride. Thankfully she stopped long enough for me to take a ncie picture of her.
Pa comes over a lot to play and is quite the antagonizer! He loves to get them rowed up before bedtime, and leave!!! The kids love playing with his - don't you like the look he gave Payton?
Okay, you saw it here first. I belive you are looking at the next Britney Spears (let's hope not at least). I call this the "Oops I Did It Again" pose.
Here is Payton feeding Kylie a new snack - white cheddar popcorn. My kids love it, so payton thought Kylie should give it a try. Seems as though Ky really likes it now, but at first she wouldonly eat it if PAyton was feeding it to her - HOW CUTE!
Here are Kylie and Payton hamming it up together (it must be a McHugh thing)! The girls had lots of fun with Shannon and Ted spinning them around on the bar stools.
Still spinning.....
Here is Payton in mid dance step. Doesn't she look like she is having fun?
Payton LOVES playting with her baby dolls. She feeds them, burps them, rocks them to sleep - she even tried to sing "Rock a Bye Baby". It is so precious!
Tub Time! Bath time is always a lot of fun. Ethan adn Payton still take a bath together, but that is only because it is so convienent and we have a huge tub.
This is Payton and mommy relaxing after a nap. Payton woke up before she was really ready, so she fell asleep on me. It has been so long since she had done that, so of course I was loving it.
My little artist! Payton LOVES coloring at her art desk
Wild Woman! This is what Payton usually looks like after a nap or when she takes her hair out of her ponytails. Either way, this is the REAL Payton Leigh.
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