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(September 2, 2000)

Jason and Stacy's WeddingThis site is devoted to remembering the great day everybody had at our wedding. I am working hard to make sure our entire wedding and everything leading up to the wedding is captured on this website. Below is the new breakdown of this site so you know what you are looking at. With Stacy's help, I have added many pictures of the wedding day. Be sure to look at everything and leave me any comments. Thanks.

Summary of each page on this site:

Engagement Church Reception Registry Shower Honeymoon? Album

The Engagement

The EngagementThe engagement page is devoted to how I proposed to Stacy. It contains a basic story of how the day went. This includes pictures and links to Peddler's Village, where I proposed to Stacy on a horse and carriage. It also contains the story of how Stacy and I met as told by Stacy. I gave her complete freedom with this story...there was no editing involved.

The Church

The ChurchStacy and I had a Catholic wedding at Saint Aloysius in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. We did not having a mass, but the ceremony still took about 45 minutes to an hour. This page contains pictures of the church and more information about the wedding ceremony. There are not really any wedding photos in this area (they are all in the photo album).

The Reception

The ReceptionOur reception was held at the Lower Providence General Washington in Audobon, Pennsylvania. It is about 25 minutes from the church and went on until about 10 at night. It was a fully catered event with open bar and sit-down dinner. Unfortunately, this reception hall no longer exists. It closed down before the year's end. The reception page shows the interior and exterior of the reception hall (before closing) and more detailed information on the reception.

The Registry

The RegistryThis page originally contained a list of things Stacy and I registered for. It now lists a few of the gifts that all of our wonderful family and friends bought for us. We appreciate all the gifts received at the showers as well as the wedding. We would not be living so confortable now if not for all of the gifts for the home.

Wedding Shower

Wedding ShowerThis page contains pictures and details on Stacy's wedding shower. It was held at the Holiday Inn in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Stacy was surprised (almost) by all of her female friends and family a month before the wedding. I only stayed long enough to get her there and then came back to load up the cars, but Stacy had a great time. This area contains photos of the shower and some of the wonderful gifts she (we) received.


Honeymoon?I replaced the RSVP section of this wedding site with a page devoted to our extended weekend after the wedding. I hesitate to call it a honeymoon because we really didn't go anywhere. We traveled to New York City for the weekend to catch a broadway show (CATS) and stay at the best hotel suite. As boring as this all sounds, you need to read the story behind all this. It was actually a very fun and exciting weekend.

Photo Album

Photo AlbumThis is the section everybody is yelling at me to finish. Here you can find a whole lot of pictures of the entire wedding. To allow faster viewing, I made thumbnails of all the pictures. You can click on any of them to get a larger, more detailed picture. I hope these pictures show the great time everybody had, especially for anyone who was unable to attend the wedding.

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